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Building a more connected future

Midlands Airport Development was established to pursue the economic development of the Midlands and maximise the potential that region has to offer in its central location in Ireland.

The proposal will see the development of a 1800 acre site located in the centre of the Midlands Triangle. The site has been chosen because of its proximities to road, rail, gas, power and broadband. This makes it a key location for infrastructural development.

The proposal will see the development of Ireland's first airport connected to the rail network. 

5,000 jobs will be created by the proposed development. 2,000 of these jobs will be directly employed in the airport, A further 2,600 will be indirectly employed in adjoining  and related businesses such as maintenance distribution and services industries. Finally there will be 600 jobs induced in the surrounding area supplying services and facilities in the local area.

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